Dinner at Be Our Guest! Is it worth it?

Dinner at Be Our Guest! Is it worth it?

I’ve tried and tried and tried to book dinner at Be Our Guest in Walt Disney World’s, Magic Kingdom, for years without success. I was determined to do so because it is always my wife’s number request on where to eat. This year, I finally made it happen. Dinner…at…Be…Our…Guest.

The Atmosphere

We’ve had breakfast at Be Our Guest, so we already knew how amazingly beautiful the interior of the Beast’s castle is. You will be hard-pressed to find a more beautiful ambiance to dine anywhere, much less Walt Disney World.

The West Wing is intimidating and, for the kids, a bit scary. The loud claps of thunder, the darkness, the enchanted rose…it is a small space. For adults, it’s hard to beat for a genuinely “Beastful” experience.

The main dining area is large and loud. The pane glass windows on the opposite end provide a view of a constant snow falling on the cursed land. There is also a hidden Minnie in plain sight.

The Ball Room is sized in-between the main dining area and the West Wing. The walls are artfully decorated, but the true highlight is the life-sized Beast and Belle dancing together in a scene taken directly from the original animated movie.

The Food

The food was good and the wine was even better. This is the first disappointment of the meal, though. While it is good, it is not “two table credits” good. Not even close, honestly. The new mixed drink options were delightful, and I truly enjoyed the escargot.

The kids did not find much on the menu to eat, though they did enjoy the dessert of a white chocolate “Chip” cup with food coloring to paint it as they deemed fit.

The “Grey Stuff” was okay.

The Character Experience

This is the second, and greatest disappointment. Firstly, there is no Belle, as one would expect, to come grace the mealtime. To meet her near the castle, you will have to visit, “Enchanted Tales with Belle”, outside of the castle.

Secondly, you have to remove yourself from your table, walk through tons of others dining, and stand in line in the Beast’s Library to meet him. It is a quick experience, though the Beast is towering and gracious.

Will we do it again?

No, not at all. Maybe we would if it were a one table credit meal, but it is a huge waste at two. You get a MUCH better experience meeting Snow White at Artist’s Point (Wilderness Lodge); Cinderella at 1900 Park Fare (Grand Floridian); or Belle, Arial, Aurora, and Snow White at Akershus Royal Banquet Hall (Epcot), and those are only one table credit meals, at that.

If you’re looking for an outstanding two table credit experience, Mickey’s Backyard BBQ is a MUST!

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