Pirate’s Landing – Elkin, NC

Pirate’s Landing – Elkin, NC

I am a seafood fanatic and it’s always my go-to if we are anywhere with seemingly decent seafood, plus, we do not live too far away from Pirate’s Landing in Elkin, NC, so this review isn’t through brand new glasses, but is more of a mix of our last couple of times there. Our last two visits have happened over the past three years, and the most recent being for my son’s birthday (his choice of eatery) just this week.

It is tough to miss Pirate’s Landing. You can see it easily as it towers beside I-77. Not to mention that it is a shaped like a pirate ship and sits in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains far away from any seas.

I ordered the broiled seafood special (scallops, flounder, shrimp, and a crab cake). After waiting for what was a much longer wait than it should have been in a less-than-half-full restaurant, I received my LUKE WARM entree, though my baked potato was blazing hot. My children had chicken tenders, which were tasty, but soggy, cold fries. My wife and father-in-law’s meals were on par with the rest of what was given. We were hungry as it was late, and we had a newly-turned six year old with birthday gift money burning a hole in his pocket, so eat we did.

You’re going to get a better meal for a lot less cost across the interstate at Taco Bell.

Our server was absent most of the night and failed to bring refills (which we had to ask the owner for). I will give credit that she did come, with the whole serving staff, to sing a pirate birthday song and dessert to my son, which was greatly appreciated and genuine.

Overall, this was a very disappointing experience and is the exact same reason why we had not eaten there in almost 3 years. The building looks cool, as does the interior, but that’s where the enjoyment stops. My recommendation is to pass on Pirate’s Landing. You’re going to get a better meal for a lot less cost across the interstate at Taco Bell.

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