Ocean Lakes – Myrtle Beach, SC

Ocean Lakes – Myrtle Beach, SC

Ocean Lakes, located on the southern end of Myrtle beach, is the largest RV park on the East Coast and is a regular stop for us each year on our camping adventures.

The Amenities

Goodness…it may be easier to write what it does not have…which would be a very, very short list.

  • The water park is fantastic.
  • The rec center and staff are second to none.
  • The resort is always clean and well maintained.
  • There always seems to be adequate and friendly security on-hand.
  • The ice cream at the restaurant is DELICIOUS.
  • The resort store has pretty much anything you would need, but the resort is located so close to grocery stores and pharmacies, so there is not much that you cannot purchase within a five minute drive.
  • The playgrounds are great.
  • There seems to be a nearly endless supply of oceanfront sand just waiting for your beach chair to reside on.
  • Most camping spots are level and concrete and the roads are paved. While any time you’re at the beach, you’re going to bring sand home, Ocean Lakes does a great job of minimizing this with awesome roads and spaces.
  • This one is a great feature to me as a runner, but one lap around the resort is THREE MILES. Yeah, you can run a 5K IN THE PARK. Love that.
  • It is close to Market Common and not too far from the Grand Strand or Broadway at the Beach.
  • It is a beautiful property all around.
  • There is a filtered water station close to the post office and store, which we love to take advantage of. Why do all campgrounds not offer this???
  • I can keep going, but I think you’re getting the idea that this place is pretty awesome.

The Positives

We love that they offer so many activities for kids and families. The recreation center has a great staff and director that offers great activities from Easter egg hunts, trick-or-treating every Saturday throughout the month of October, bingo, table tennis, games…and I could honestly fill up this review with all of the great things they do. Our children love coming here and it is one of their most favorite places to camp.

The grounds are well kept and beautiful. The buildings are attractive and fit in with the decor. The ponds and water features make us stop and stare no matter how many times we have stayed. I’ve also recently read that they are working on stocking up the ponds with fish, so that will add just another layer of fun.

The water park is large and includes large water slides, a large kiddie section, and also has a very large pool. I’ve never seen it anything but clean. My only complaint would be access to more shaded areas.

We’ve never tried out the oceanfront snack area. We usually stock up on groceries and cook on our outdoor kitchen at the camper, but it is nice to know that it is there if needed.

Again, I could keep on and keep on with positives, but Ocean Lakes sets the standard for a reason. None of the other resorts nearby can touch what Ocean Lakes offers.

The Negatives

Normally, when the season is in, we stay away from Ocean Lakes due to the golf cart madness that consumes the resort. There are way too many kids driving around carts, not paying attention, running walkers/bike riders off the road, music blaring, and just plain being disrespectful. We have two young children (6 and 2 years as of this post) and this is a huge concern to us. We do not feel comfortable letting our kids ride their bikes up and down the road closest to our camper like . we do at pretty much every other resort we have stayed at. This is the ONLY reason why we stay away from Ocean Lakes during the in-season. We’ve also been told by Ocean Lakes (two seasons ago) that this is the number one complaint that they have from visitors and that they are working on a solution. As of this post, two years after hearing that they are working towards a solution, this problem has not seen a reduction or resolution in any way, shape, or form.

The internet at Ocean Lakes is horrible…and that is being kind. It will work for a few moments and then will not work again for an hour or more. I’m certain this is mainly due to network overload. We have recently received notification from Ocean Lakes that they have new internet plans offered to those that need more reliable connections and, while we haven’t stayed at Ocean Lakes since this was implemented, we will definitely give it a try when we stay again later this year.

Our Recommendation

As long as you stay away from the busy, Summer season at Ocean Lakes, I cannot recommend this resort highly enough. There is so much to do and you never want for anything. Kudos to Ocean Lakes for providing such a great experience.

As for the busy, Summer season? Well, I cannot recommend Ocean Lakes, especially if you have younger children. If you do not have younger children, none of this may matter to you, though, as it does us.

Links and Specifics

Ocean Lakes Family Campground
6001 South Kings Highway
Myrtle Beach, SC 29575

P: 877-510-1413

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