Duckworth’s Kitchen & Taphouse – Charlotte, NC

Duckworth’s Kitchen & Taphouse – Charlotte, NC

This was our second trip to a Duckworth’s, and our first to this specific one. Spoiler alert. It was not a good experience.

The Positives

There’s honestly not much to put here. The inside of the restaurant is nice with a good ambiance. That’s something, right?

The Negatives

Phew. Where do we start. There’s next to zero waiting area to stand when you’re waiting to be seated. The service is very slow. The food was very, very greasy and was luke warm once we finally had it brought to our table. We had to request items multiple times from our server. We never received drink refills nor was I asked if I would like another beer. It took nearly 15 minutes to pay our check. A very limited bar and menu compared to other Duckworth’s locations.

Our Recommendation

Go somewhere else to eat.

Links and Specifics

Duckworth’s Kitchen and Taphouse
4435 Park Road
Charlotte, NC 28209

P: (704) 527-5783

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